Bruker AXS - Chemical Crystallography
Bruker AXS - Chemical Crystallography

Chemical Crystallography provides accurate and precise measurements of molecular dimensions in a way that no other science can begin to approach. Historically, single crystal X-ray diffraction was used to determine the structure of what was thought of as "small molecules". Twenty years ago, it was possible to solve structures with an average of only 100 non-hydrogen atoms. However, thanks to developments in hardware and software, the upper limit has risen to about 500 and recently, even a 1000-atom structure was solved. Chemical crystallographers study compounds which are both of chemical and biological interest - new synthetic chemicals, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, natural products, minerals... and many more!

The APEX II line of Chemical Crystallography Solutions combines the best of worldwide Bruker development to give you the ultimate tools for single crystal structure determination. Designed with the customer in mind these instruments feature easy to use state-of-the-art software, the fastest, most sensitive low noise APEX II detector, integrated with the most precise, most flexible goniostats available to give you the best data possible - fast and reliably.
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