Monash University Protein Crystallography Unit
Monash University Protein Crystallography Unit

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Welcome to the The Protein Crystallography Unit
Proteins are the molecular machines of our body, malfunctioning of which is the root cause of many diseases. The three-dimensional (3-D) structures of proteins are essential for their function and activity. Knowledge of the 3-D structure of a protein provides an understanding, at the atomic level, of how a protein functions, or as in the diseased state, how a protein malfunctions. Protein crystallography is the major tool for solving the 3-D structure of proteins and as such provides unparalleled detailed information on the structure and function of proteins, as well as a platform for rationally designing therapeutics. The research within the laboratories is concerned with the structure determination of proteins.

Unit Head: Jamie Rossjohn, BSc (Hons.), PhD Bath University, UK,
Australian Research Council Federation Fellow
Level 5, Room 502, Building 13D, The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University

The Unit comprises 6 independent groups:

Jamie Rossjohn’s laboratory
James Whisstock’s laboratory
Matthew Wilce’s laboratory
Jackie Wilce’s laboratory
Ashley Buckle's laboratory
Latest News
New Fellowships / awards 2007
J. Rossjohn - awarded Gottschalk Medal
J. Rossjohn - awarded Commonwealth Health Minister's Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research
C. Clements - awarded QEII Fellowship
P. Wilmann - awarded NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship

Previous awards

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