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Mark A. White, Ph.D.
Manager, X-ray Crystallography

Welcome to SCSB X-ray Crystallography

Some Recent Publications from the SCSB

Synaptotagmin 1 C2A-C2B, Acta Cryst.F 62, 2006 P450 46A1, Acta. Cryst. D 64(5), 2008

These are a selection of recent crystalographic structure publications from the SCSB faculty and staff. For a more detailed list please follow this link to our NEWS section.

SCSB Crystalography Facilities
The SCSB X-ray Crystallography resources currently consists of two x-ray area detector systems, each with an ultra-fine-focus high-brilliancy x-ray generator and focusing multilayer optics. The first area detector is a MacScience DIP2030H-VLM dual 30cm diameter Imaging Plate detector. This system is suitable for protein crystals of 30 to 400 Å cell dimensions, which diffract up to 1.3 Å resolution. The second detector is a Bruker SMART 2K CCD, which can reach upto 0.84 Å resolution. For enhanced data we have available a choice of sample cooling systems. Both systems are equipped with a Cryo Industries of America CRYOCOOLER. A 4 °C Cold Air refrigerated cooling system is available for samples which cannot be frozen, or do not require freezing.

Diffractometer scheduling is available online.

X-ray Crystallography Faculty
For more information please contact the SCSB X-ray Crystallography manager or one of our faculty crystallographers.
Kyung (Kay) H. Choi
Edmund W. Czerwinski
Robert O. Fox
Marc C. Morais
R. Bryan Sutton
Stanley J. Watowich

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